Free: The Aliens and Their Omega (Gay Sci-Fi MPreg)

Gay Cowboy Vampire

James hoped his jump would finally bring his miserable life to an end. It did, but not in the way he intended.

High above Earth, the Volardi – tall, muscular, virile aliens – are in desperate need of males to repopulate their race. Their desperation gives rise to the Omega Program, an active campaign to covert the perfect candidates.

When Melk and Trevah rescue James from a rocky cliff free-fall, they entice him with an opportunity to be the first Earthling Omega and bring Earth into a Golden Age.

Hot gay guys, a science fiction lifestyle, and a family? What could go wrong? Unfortunately for James, everything.

Author’s Note: The Aliens and Their Omega is a standalone alpha/beta/omega non-shifter Mpreg (male pregnancy) romance.

This 31,000-word science fiction m/m/m novella contains detailed descriptions of steamy threesome sex with muscled aliens. Includes anal and oral situations with a firm touch of dominance.

Author’s note: This is a full-length, standalone short story. No cliffhanger.


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Free: Gay Bayou Shifter (Gay Werewolf Romance)

Gay Cowboy Vampire

Every smart Southern boy knows to be careful in the Louisiana bayou. There’s strange critters about, and some might even take a liking to you – if you’re lucky.

But Wesley is from Texas, and he’s way out of his depth in the swampy waters of the bayou. Stranded and hopelessly lost in the middle of nowhere, his hopes of a fun-filled gay vacation in Florida have been crushed. Then, things take a turn for the dangerous when a sadistic group of hunters catches Wesley’s scent. They’re not leaving without their prey, and there’s only one thing that can save Wesley: a hot and muscular shifter mate.

This 7,700+ word gay werewolf shifter romance contains detailed descriptions of sex, including oral and anal, with a gay Cajun shifter. It is intended for those who love man on man shifter romance with a touch of adventure.

Author’s note: This is a full-length, standalone short story. No cliffhanger.
Title changed from Gay Shifter Mate.


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Free: Gay Cowboy Vampire (Supernatural Gay Love Story)

Gay Cowboy Vampire

James is slim, built, and a vampire death over his limit.

After one too many kills, the local vampire nest sends him an ultimatum.

“Work with us, or you won’t see morning.”

Working with a vamp isn’t ideal, even if his new partner is awfully cute – and an authentic Old-West cowboy to boot.

Can a too eager vampire hunter and Old West cowboy work together to complete their mission and more?

This 18,000+ word LGBT supernatural romance contains detailed explicit descriptions of hot love making between a trim and hard vampire hunter and a Old-West vampire cowboy.

It’s intended for the enjoyment those who love gay paranormal stories with cowboys and vampires.

Author Note: This is a standalone HEA/HFN gay romance with no cliffhanger.
Title changed from Gay For His Cowboy Vampire.


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Moving into longer stories

tumblr_lnxz8aDRqu1qdd086o1_500I don’t know if it was intentional but I’m finding myself moving into longer stories.

So far it seems like the correct decision. Writing isn’t JUST writing. It’s coming up with a cover, finding keywords, editing getting a blurb together, promoting at various social sites, paying for an advertisement, and a few other ‘little things’ that just need to be done before a finished story ever sees ‘print’.

Side note: The formatting… oh God… the formatting. I use Scrivener but it’s frustrating to make several different formats and see you have to redo everything because there’s a double quote for some reason or no spacing. But enough of that rant…

I love writing but I think I’ll love it even more with these changes.

I’ve gotten several very nice reviews that basically said they wished there was more because the ideas and characters were great. They appeared to like the story very much but darn… there’s so much more they wanted to know.

Completely understandable.

The advantages to longer stories are… I can eliminate a good portion of the side work. Instead of four 10,000 shorts, one novelette means that’s three covers I don’t have to do. That’s also three advertisements I don’t have to pay for. Forget about the other keywords for stories that don’t exist. I wouldn’t ‘bug’ my mailing list as much either.

Creative wise I can really stretch the muscles. A 10,000 story doesn’t lend itself well to the social economic realities of werewolves in the construction business but I can get into it with a longer novel.

I’ll probably still do the short bizarro erotica ones. I like writing stories that are wacky. Sometimes it’s a self-imposed writing challenge. If I can write about Feminized Hitler or a Giant Japanese Monster outside Tokyo, then I can write about anything.

They don’t make me money and I’m okay with that. I remember George R.R. Martin once talked about his WildCard series. He HAS to write other things so he can work on his A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones series. It’s the same with me.

So there you go. Longer stories unless it’s wacky.

Thanks for being readers. You make this country girl happy.

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