My Gay Pirate Romance (Time Travel Pirate Romance)

My Gay Pirate Romance (Time Travel Pirate Romance)
"Very cool concept. I mean time travel and hunky gay pirates, who could ask for more?"


Genre: Gay Pirate Romance / Time Travel Pirate Story

When a lonely museum worker finds a mysterious ring among the smashed ruins of an ancient ship’s wheel, the last thing he expects is to be sent back three hundred years to the Golden Age of Piracy — straight onto the deck of a real life pirate ship.

Soon he finds himself in a time when men were men and took whatever they wanted – even if that meant another man. Because as much as history likes to wash over the details, many a gay pirate sailed the seven seas.

Surrounded by a desperate crew in the middle of the ocean, will he find a way back his own time before the perils of pirate life catch up to him? And after a lingering encounter with the infamous Captain William Roberts, will he want to?

This 12,400-word gay pirate romance contains detailed explicit descriptions of sex between an accidental time traveler and a thick and muscled pirate captain.

It’s intended for the enjoyment of those who love gay pirate romances.

Note: This is a stand-alone story with no cliffhanger.

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